From Ardennes to Marolles

After a successfull career as doctor and sexolog (one of the first in Belgium), Jan stops his practice for health reasons and retreats to his country home in the Ardennes to enjoy the fruits of his earnings.

Looking for the true sence of life, he rediscovers the faith of his childhood years through an incounter with a simple priest. He reads books over people who radically and authentically followed Christ, like Charles de Foucauld, a French officer who goes into the dessert to proclaim the bible, not by words but by deeds and Francis of Assisi, who was called “Poverello” more than 800 years ago, Italian for “the little poor one”, and who gave away all he had and went to live withe the beggars and the lepers.

After a time of reflection Jan leaves the peace of the country-side and rents a room in the Marolles in Brussels from where he can get to know the area and discover the poverty there.