What help?

The needs that one could do something about were seen to.  Many of the visitors had no roof over their head and temporarily "camped-out" on matrasses in the hall, so we built a dormitory.  It wasn't very comfortable, but the visitors were content : "It was better than outdoors!"  At the present time there is sleeping accomodation for 45 people.

Substantial en affordable food was also necessary, so we began to cook.  At present about 150 warm meals are served daily at the price of 1 Euro.  An elderly lady who came to eat in Poverello for the first time said : "I haven't eaten a hot potatoe in more than 5 years ..... I haven't cooked since my husband died."  Those who need clean clothes are helped in the cloak-room.

Administrative problems are solved in cooperation with OCMW's and other social services.  Last but not least it is also possible to get medical and hygenic help in Poverello.